Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 17

December 17, 2014:
1978-79 Topps #64 Goal Leaders Guy Lafleur / Mike Bossy / Steve Shutt

That's just one holy hell of a hockey card right there. Almost makes me want to collect the sport.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 16

December 16, 2014:
2007 Bowman #BP3 Shawn O'Malley

Smells like someone shit in his cereal.

Look at you, fuckin' tough guy. So you finally passed 11th grade English composition AND you got drafted by the Rays. Everything's looking up for old Seanny Boy, doesn't it seem? So why the long face, sport? How about you turn that frown upside-down?

Never mind. Commence previous facial expression. I shouldn't have said anything.

Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 15

December 15, 2014:
1995 Action Packed Rookie & Stars #25 Steve Walsh

So it appears that the Bears are playing tonight. Looking at this card, this beautiful, most perfect football card, I came to the realization that all of Jay Cutler's cards ought to look like this one. In fact, the only thing that would make this a more perfect card would be if it were Cutler on the ground, and not a Miami Dolphin, but a Green Bay Packer having his way with him. Do you think Walsh got wind of this card and immediately terminated his contract with Action Packed? It appears as if Walsh hung on in the league for a couple more years, and so did the Action Packed brand, but it looks as if this was their final contact. Walsh had several cards produced by other brands in 1996 and 1997, too. It's plausible that the picture used led Walsh to sever ties with the company.

The Dolphin on this card, if I did my research right, is defensive end Marco Coleman. I could see a legitimate use of this photo if Coleman were the subject of this card, but Coleman didn't even get one issued to him in this set. He does, however, have a card in the 1992 set. Ironically, he is pictured on this card presumably getting blocked off a pass rush with half of his jersey being yanked over his pads. Action Packed seemingly loved to mess with players, suggests this small sample size.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 14

December 14, 2014:
1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess #94 Ben Grieve Little Dawgs

Uuuuuuuuuuugghhhhhhhhh, the subset title of this card makes me want to hide under the couch in embarrassment. The back of the card clarifies exactly what a "Little Dawg" is: In short, it's a Spring Training roster invitee whose name Barry Larkin has neither the time, nor desire, to learn. It should surprise no one, then, that this Dugout Axcess (sic) set has an insert called "Dishwashers" and one called "Gronks."


If you'll excuse me, I'll be in the basement by the camping gear zipped into a sleeping bag so as to distance myself from this card. If anyone rings my doorbell, I'll keep as still as possible until they go away.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 13

December 13, 2014:
1991 Foot Locker Slam Fest! #5 Matt Biondi

Gold medalist or not, the shirt-almost-longer-than-the-shorts look flatters just about no man.

Trade Me Anything VIII: #8

I'm trying to keep a lot of plates spinning on this blog at the moment, so excuse some of the delays between any particular set of posts. This trade from smittyscards has been open and ready to go for days now, but I'm finally getting around to posting it now.

'89 Mini #TM-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

'89 Mini #TM-RH Roy Halladay

#US-323 Chase Headley Gold (1208/2014)

#US-25 Masahiro Tanaka Gold (1300/2014)

Requisite Brewers and Packers

Topps Leaders and Fleer Star Stickers Packs

Topps Want List Cards

Some 2014 Topps Inserts

Interesting... I try to give these away, and they keep coming back.

1959 Topps #259 Jim Pisoni

Easily my favorite part of the trade. One card closer on the set.

Thanks for the trade, smitty!

2014 Card-vent Calendar: December 12

December 12, 2014:
1974 Topps Traded #62T Bob Locker

"Clean out your locker, Locker, you've been traded."
"My locker?"
"That's right, Locker, your locker. You've been traded."
"Back to Oakland."
"My old locker!"
"Clean all this shit out of your locker, Locker."
"I'll take it out of this locker and put it in my new locker."
"Hey Locker, you ever want to come back to the Cubs, this locker will be here for you."